Life of Pi… on letting go

Life is a mess. A brief commentary on the LIFE of PI. At times life seems to be moving in the perceived “right” direction; then there are other times where life seems to be spinning wildly out of control. We all live somewhere in that TENSION on any given day. I just watched the movie LIFE of Pi. It has been on my radar for years. I first heard of the book when traveling through India.  A book of spiritual searching about a young Indian boy and a tiger. I had been drawn to... Read More »


February 29, 2016 Here I am. At the end of my twenty nine day creative challenge. This is a special day, an extra day that only comes around once every four years, LEAP DAY. It is just like every other day, yet it is today. Here. Now. Present. After this moment it is gone.   BE PRESENT BE ALIVE   Do NOT let this life slip through your fingers. Before you know it, it will be gone, slipping away forever. Time is slippery. Grab hold of the moments and make them count. LET... Read More »

death. life. live in-between.

February 28, 2016   Run FAST Run FAR Sometimes life feels like a race One were the finish line seems distant Distant until the time comes where we face it   DEATH DEATH is the reality of the fall, the reality that we have an expiration date.   DEAth and liFE. I have taken time to think on death, wondering through graveyards and pondering. Call me weird if you will but if we never ponder death, do we ever ponder life?! Please hear me here, I do not sit and think... Read More »

30 days to somewhere

February 27, 2016 — ONE month to FOCUS. I heard it takes thirty days to develop a habit. I have never been a big GOAL setter. Maybe it is my inner procrastinator or the fear of failure or the fear of success that has held me back from setting goals. semantics — the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning But it also could just be a semantics issue for me. I would much rather spend my time pursuing a DREAM or PASSION than a “GOAL.” Goals feel like a homework... Read More »

i am Nelson Mandela

February 26, 2016 — 12:35am CST   Here am i Right here Right now This is me.   I am a son of the most high GOD. Mighty and strong.   Scared and insecure. Strong and mighty All of the above. A divine dichotomy.   the honest life the tension of humanity the reality of live on planet earth   Everything is crazy right now. politics, world issues, famine, feasts What to make of it all? The more I ask questions, the more questions arise.   Here am... Read More »

stop being insecure

February 25, 2016 5 days left of the blog challenge — time flies!! 12:58am—Central Standard Time. I have this pattern of writing with my blogs. If it is a travel day, which is this whole week, I often get to wherever I am going, check in, settle in, and just rest a bit. This usually includes random videos on facebook, and other random internet consumption. Sometimes this is pointless and other times it is part of my creative process. It is almost like I have to get that out... Read More »

your creation sucks

February 24, 2016 The CrEAtiVE PRocESs JUST START —> grab a canvas —> start writing —> doodle —> do something When I set out to create, I rarely have whatever it is planned out from the start. Every creative act starts somewhere. Wether it is a thought that comes and gets doodled down on a napkin. Or the blank canvas and the creation takes shape. It all STARTS somewhere. There is always a BLANK PAGE in the PROCESS somewhere. Often people ask me “what are... Read More »

just do something

February 23, 2016 FIGHT THE RESISTANCE 8:59pm (central standard time?) 27,000ft and climbing I started reading a new book. It is completely in line with where I am right now with art, life, creativity, pressing onward.  The book is entitled: theWARofART — Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles — by Steven Pressfield I am only on page twenty one, thus I have no real authority to write an exhaustive book review, so that is not what I am doing.... Read More »

the grizzly in my hotel

February 22, 2016 11:56 — central standard time I turn off the noise in my hotel room. TV was just an enjoyable distraction. Random facebook videos, just to consume. There is nothing wrong with these things, they are often the source of ideas…. but sometimes they are just noise. As I turned off the physical noise in my room I hear bit of a low roar coming from behind me. A weird sound, like a hibernating bear, and yes it must be the guest in the room next to me SNORING. HA!!! You... Read More »

the challenge of perfection

February 21, 2016 – the challenge of perfection. I just finished watching the BURNT, a movie about a chef and his JOURNEY / battle with perfection. I have seen a glimpse of the competitive nature of chefs, through my travels. There is this odd competition and cockiness that chefs carry. Honestly I do not feel uber competitive these days. I did in the days of sports but right now this season of life I feel like my biggest competitor is myself. I desire to grow in my art and... Read More »

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