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  • Look up

    Sometimes I loose focus. Sometimes I feel lost.  “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Ferris Bueller Life keeps ...

  • Life of Pi… on letting go

    Life is a mess. A brief commentary on the LIFE of PI. At times life seems to be moving in the perceived “right” direction; then there are other times where life seems to be spinning wildly out of ...

  • PReSeNt/fUTuRe

    February 29, 2016 Here I am. At the end of my twenty nine day creative challenge. This is a special day, an extra day that only comes around once every four years, LEAP DAY. It is just like every ...


Insights on the journey of life.

Shell-shocked: A blog about first impressions of India

Shell-shocked A blogs about first impressions of India A couple of days ago I landed in India. I’ve been here a few times, yet bringing people here for the first time is always eye opening. Landing at 4 am. Stumbling off the plane, you ...

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Life in the place of waiting

Seasons come and seasons go. Sometimes there is simply a time to wait.  A time to not GO.  A time to stop moving.  This does not mean that it is a time to DIE, but simply to WAIT.  To let time pass without sprinting, without wanting, without ...

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2010-a JANUARY look back at the year that is now good & gone

YES I am a procrastinator!!!  But who said your year end recap needed to get out before the end of the year!?  I was too busy celebrating with friends and family!!  Anyway – ON WITH IT – here we GO!! I am one who travels and shares ...

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28 years old

Birthdays are an interesting thing to me. For the last 5 years my birthdays have all taken place over seas. On islands for 2 years in a row (one in Thailand and 1 in Greece); then in Spain, then New Zealand – this was the first time my ...

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Reflections of Visa Stress

I sit in a foreign country. Running around trying to get paperwork from two other foreign nations on opposite sides of the globe… I am exhausted a bit. With tunnel vision I run and fight for this simple sticker that will hopefully be ...

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