Life of Pi… on letting go

Life is a mess.

A brief commentary on the LIFE of PI.

At times life seems to be moving in the perceived “right” direction; then there are other times where life seems to be spinning wildly out of control.

We all live somewhere in that TENSION on any given day.

I just watched the movie LIFE of Pi.

It has been on my radar for years. I first heard of the book when traveling through India.  A book of spiritual searching about a young Indian boy and a tiger.

I had been drawn to the cover image of a boy and a tiger on a raft and today I finally dove into the movie. (sorry book fans-I’m not there yet)

I enjoyed the adventure of this movie. A tragedy told through allegory. A story of survival  against all odds.

I think of this story in light of the journey of “everyday” life we are all on.  It may not be one of encountering storms, surviving a shipwreck, facing sharks, whales, magical islands or living on the open seas with a tiger…


Yet, we all face storms.

Do we get to the point of utter surrender. ?!??!

Where we scream and yell at the wind and the waves?!?!

Crying out to God?!?!?

Screaming — reaching the end of self and completely letting go?!??


There is a pivotal point in the movie where the young Indian boy dose just this.  Completely at the end of himself he cries out.  All is lost for the boy at this point.  His family gone (hopefully that is not a spoiler for you), shipwrecked and lost at sea.  Provisions gone. Death eminent. The boy cries out and you can see him wrestle with the heavenlies.

As I write this I am reminded of Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump.  Yelling at the storm, crying out to God: “YOU CALL THIS A STORM!!!” …. it was that storm that lead to Lt. Dan and Forrest making a lot of money shrimping. It was through true BREAKTHROUGH moment.

“In the end the whole act of life is letting go.”

Sometimes I wish the battles of “everyday life” that I am facing looked more like a tiger in my boat, or a physical storm, or a shipwreck.  To me that is seen as adventure.

Yet it is the “mundane” tasks of work, groceries, rent, day to day family life, these seemingly mundane things, where the battles are fought and the wars are won. Where the true adventure of life is to be found.

I want a “successful” marriage, where love increases through every season.

I want a family centered on LOVE, JOY, and THANKFULNESS.

I want a life that is bigger than just holding it together.


Dream on dreamer,

face your storm,

look inside,

face your lion,

tame it,

don’t give up,

fight the good fight,

if you don’t give up, you win.


Grace & Peace,

Will Rosenberg