death. life. live in-between.

February 28, 2016




Sometimes life feels like a race

One were the finish line seems distant

Distant until the time comes where we face it



DEATH is the reality of the fall,

the reality that we have an expiration date.


DEAth and liFE.

I have taken time to think on death, wondering through graveyards and pondering. Call me weird if you will but if we never ponder death, do we ever ponder life?!

Please hear me here, I do not sit and think about death often these days, my point is that I have pondered it at different points in my life. I have faced. I have experienced the reality of loosing a loved one too early. I know what it is like to feel the wake of death.

It is this reality that drives me to live well. To not waist my EXISTENCE here on this planet.

Every time I take a flight I send my wife a loving text, knowing full well that I could die before touching down in my scheduled destination. No this does not scare me to fly one bit, but I have counted the cost. I have thought of the reality that this plane may not make it back to the ground.

To me it is not letting fear paralyze me. It is acknowledging the reality of any situation. Acknowledging the risks involved, and pressing ahead.

courage fear

Find your purpose.

There is an ongoing self discovery that must take place. Complacency breeds contempt. If you stop discovering who you are, you start to die. There are many people out there walking around dead.

I want to be ALIVE. I want to know that I am breathing. I want to do things that still scare me, that remind me I am alive.

terrifying and amazing

life and death

wealth and poverty

joy and pain

success and failure

dark and light


Sometimes without one we cannot see the other.

Sometimes to see the light you must go into the darkness.


Here I am. Contemplating life and death. Without death, is there really life!? May these thoughts bring you a renewed focus on light. On the positive. On the reality that we have something to live for.

If my words do anything, may they stir something within you, wherever you are, whatever you do with your life. May they stir within you thoughts of more. May your life be abundant today.

keep moving_martin-luther-king


*grace and peace to you this day.