empty shampoo bottles

It was 3 years ago. I found myself “home” in southern California with no “exit” plane ticket in hand.  This had not happened for 7 years. I moved in with my sister, brother in law, and 2 year old nephew (at the time).  I remember buying the biggest shampoo and conditioner bottles I had purchased in a long time.  You see when you are constantly moving you don’t need to drag around full sized bottles of the stuff.  Often you just end up using someone... Read More »


This post was started months ago.  Yes many months ago.  Yet only the title has been in tact.  I guess I have been busy with the reality of life.  The reality of BEING in LOVE. I just got married on January 17, 2014.  It has been a whirlwind of activity leading up to and surrounding that great day.  And all I can say is the God is way better than I could have ever expected.  You know when you plan something and put tons of effort into it, you never quite know how it is... Read More »

on getting away

There is nothing that gives you more FOCUS than getting away.  Nothing that feeds your creativity, your energy, your life, like getting away. “Get outside if you want to meet God.” As I prepare for a short little get away down to Mexico, my mom reminded me that I said those same words when I returned from my first real backpacking trip as a high school student.  It was a guys trip with a few members of my youth group and was an experience that I still have not forgotten. ... Read More »

Christmas 2012….some thoughts.

Each year, new.  Each year, different. I struggle with the consumerism that seems to be an unavoidable issue during the holidays.  Maybe because I am faced with my own internal struggle of consuming,  and not wanting shopping to be what fulfills me.  Rather wanting to somehow show LOVE to those who are closest to me.  YES I try to get creative and even make things, but it is my own procrastination that usually leads me to being stuck in traffic searching for something to... Read More »

Life in the place of waiting

Seasons come and seasons go. Sometimes there is simply a time to wait.  A time to not GO.  A time to stop moving.  This does not mean that it is a time to DIE, but simply to WAIT.  To let time pass without sprinting, without wanting, without striving. The world moves so fast these days.  I find myself clashing the pace of the busy coffee shop.  I like the ones where the person behind the bar wants to simply chit chat, rather than feel the pressure of “speed of service”... Read More »

a “normal” day

Friday morning.  I shave my face, take a shower and make some coffee.  Eat a little granola and water the lawn.  It is pretty dry this time of year and the weeds seem to be winning, but hopefully with a little water and a little love, we will come out on top. I have not posted in some time.  Computer issues is my excuse.  But life goes on.  Often at a pace faster than I am moving.  I am making art and relating to people.  This seams to be the rhythm of things as of late.... Read More »

Good Friday – poem/thoughts

I will run the race I will count the cost I will LET GO TRUSTING the ONE who bore it ALL. CROSS PAIN DEATH My understanding still lacking Yet my FAITH only increasing. Passover Lamb Blood shed Will it ever stop? Wars & rumors of wars. Hell on earth… Even in suburbia Bound in chains. FREEDOM!!! This I long for. This I see. Beyond today. Beyond tomorrow. Beyond me. Yet it is only the PRESENT we have. TODAY. For tomorrow will surely pass away. Yet so often we run from the... Read More »

room to be a mess

I am very happy about today.  It is the last day of February!  Yes it is a LEAP YEAR and that is kinda cool, but honestly I am just ready for a new month.  Ready to be done with February and move on.  I feel like I was just a mess throughout this month.  Knowingly not being where I want to be in my walk with Jesus.  Knowingly and unknowingly stumbling.  Not knowing how to get out of the “funk” I found myself in. Only to have a glimpse at the calender and a glimpse... Read More »

BEing together

I have been thinking a lot lately about family and the reality of sticking together.  The reality of the strength of STANDing together.  The reality of the strength of simply BEing together. My current purpose in life is to BE here with my family in this season.  One of the hardest things I continue to realize is that it is much easier to DO FOR JESUS, than to DO WITH JESUS. I love the idea of BEING present when life is seemingly fun and uneventful.  Like the days of being... Read More »

A glimpse at 2011

LIFE If there is one thing I have learned in seven years of circumnavigating the globe – I AM GOING TO BE OK. I have also learned more and more that “Whatever my lot, I can say IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.” There is also time of “chaos” yet seeing the last statement the other day on someones Facebook post – simply reminded me of the TRUTH.  Reminded me to stand up and live from the place of a “well soul”.  There is still “chaos”... Read More »

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