Life in the place of waiting

Seasons come and seasons go. Sometimes there is simply a time to wait.  A time to not GO.  A time to stop moving.  This does not mean that it is a time to DIE, but simply to WAIT.  To let time pass without sprinting, without wanting, without striving. The world moves so fast these days.  I find myself clashing the pace of the busy coffee shop.  I like the ones where the person behind the bar wants to simply chit chat, rather than feel the pressure of “speed of service”... Read More »

A glimpse at 2011

LIFE If there is one thing I have learned in seven years of circumnavigating the globe – I AM GOING TO BE OK. I have also learned more and more that “Whatever my lot, I can say IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.” There is also time of “chaos” yet seeing the last statement the other day on someones Facebook post – simply reminded me of the TRUTH.  Reminded me to stand up and live from the place of a “well soul”.  There is still “chaos”... Read More »

Transitional 2011

Article for CCF church newsletter.  By William Rosenberg – YWAM Missionary I am writing this article from the road.  Current location, New York City.  I have been “on the road” for the last 7 years serving God around the world.  The journey has been full of many ups and downs.  Yet God is in the midst of every step I take, in the midst of every day I live. TRANSITION has been the word for 2011.  I left the states early February for my annual return to New Zealand. ... Read More »

Where is GOd?? ChristChurch New Zealand

Earthquakes and destruction in the west I recently met with a good friend of mine in CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand.   I had not seen Stacey since before the shakings; the multitude of earthquakes that have shaken this major city in the southern hemisphere.  So when I spent a few days in the city I made sure we connected. Let me share bring you up to speed if you have not seen New Zealand in the news recently.  It seems like the world has moved on, but for Canterburians this is... Read More »

Awaken…o my soul

AWAKEN I recently completed a 3 month internship at the Taurunga House of Prayer.  It was a time of being set-apart, drawn out, pulled out, called out – to simply BE with the LORD and immersed in the place of HIS PRESENCE.  If you are not yet a follower of Jesus these words may sound weird.  Let me attempt to share – I feel like GOD, the Uncreated Creator of all things reached down from heaven, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and pulled me out of everything. ... Read More »

VideoLOG #2

Here is another short video for you.  It is just over 2 minutes…. hope you enjoy following my journey in this way. Feel free to leave a comment if you like what you see or have any thoughts/feedback. Personally, March is turning out to be a good month. It seems to be a time of “resetting” for me.  I feel that many things are currently up in the air for my life, but on the day to day I know I am right where I am suppose to be, leaning into the Lord in the place... Read More »

2010-a JANUARY look back at the year that is now good & gone

YES I am a procrastinator!!!  But who said your year end recap needed to get out before the end of the year!?  I was too busy celebrating with friends and family!!  Anyway – ON WITH IT – here we GO!! I am one who travels and shares the love of Jesus with the world. I hope that I can simply love people and point them to Jesus along the journey.  Whether it is in some foreign land like southern California or the far reaches of the earth where life is simply very... Read More »

  • About Me

    HELLO, My name is William Leon Rosenberg. Welcome to my little world. May I share with you my journey, the road that I am on, the places I am going and the places I have gone. It has been a great journey thus far. Read More »