VideoLOG #2

Here is another short video for you.  It is just over 2 minutes…. hope you enjoy following my journey in this way. Feel free to leave a comment if you like what you see or have any thoughts/feedback.

Personally, March is turning out to be a good month. It seems to be a time of “resetting” for me.  I feel that many things are currently up in the air for my life, but on the day to day I know I am right where I am suppose to be, leaning into the Lord in the place of PRAYER.

In the scope of the world, this has been a very shaky month.  Things are somewhat unsettling around the world.  In times like this I am filled with much love, confusion, compassion, hope, and excitement.  It hurts my heart to hear of people suffering and dieing.  Yet I long for the world to rise up in many ways and be reminded of what really matters in life. GOD is LOVE.  HE is JUST and longs to BE with His people around the GLOBE.  Maybe it is time for us to be shaken up.  My prayer is that the GLOBAL CHURCH would be shaken up and respond during this time.  Not SHRINK back, but rather RISE UP and be the ROCK that we all need.  JESUS is our ROCK – HE is the one we are to RUN to.

If you are a FOLLOWER of JESUS, you are the CHURCH.  You cannot simply be separated from something that may occur on the other side of the planet.  I still do not know how the heck we are suppose to respond to things like we are seeing, but all I know is that I/we are not separated from our brothers and sisters around the world facing harsh realities each day.

Be blessed, wherever you are on this crazy planet we live in.