Shell-shocked: A blog about first impressions of India

Shell-shocked A blogs about first impressions of India A couple of days ago I landed in India. I’ve been here a few times, yet bringing people here for the first time is always eye opening. Landing at 4 am. Stumbling off the plane, you gather yourself, collect your bag, grab some local currency from the ATM, and head to the taxi stand. At this point we have dipped our toes into the reality of India. But it is not until you step foot out of the safety of the airport that... Read More »

Life in the place of waiting

Seasons come and seasons go. Sometimes there is simply a time to wait.  A time to not GO.  A time to stop moving.  This does not mean that it is a time to DIE, but simply to WAIT.  To let time pass without sprinting, without wanting, without striving. The world moves so fast these days.  I find myself clashing the pace of the busy coffee shop.  I like the ones where the person behind the bar wants to simply chit chat, rather than feel the pressure of “speed of service”... Read More »

2010-a JANUARY look back at the year that is now good & gone

YES I am a procrastinator!!!  But who said your year end recap needed to get out before the end of the year!?  I was too busy celebrating with friends and family!!  Anyway – ON WITH IT – here we GO!! I am one who travels and shares the love of Jesus with the world. I hope that I can simply love people and point them to Jesus along the journey.  Whether it is in some foreign land like southern California or the far reaches of the earth where life is simply very... Read More »

28 years old

Birthdays are an interesting thing to me. For the last 5 years my birthdays have all taken place over seas. On islands for 2 years in a row (one in Thailand and 1 in Greece); then in Spain, then New Zealand – this was the first time my birthday happened during winter; and then this year in Korea. My friends even got a cake for me this year!! Every year I try to take some time to think. Some time to look back and also some time to look forward. I am not big on “goals”;... Read More »

Reflections of Visa Stress

I sit in a foreign country. Running around trying to get paperwork from two other foreign nations on opposite sides of the globe… I am exhausted a bit. With tunnel vision I run and fight for this simple sticker that will hopefully be processed and placed in my passport in a few hours. Honestly I think it is a little joke, the bureaucracy that goes with this stuff. But that is ok. The world needs a little bureaucracy. I think… (they just called my name) I am going... Read More »

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    HELLO, My name is William Leon Rosenberg. Welcome to my little world. May I share with you my journey, the road that I am on, the places I am going and the places I have gone. It has been a great journey thus far. Read More »