28 years old

Birthdays are an interesting thing to me. For the last 5 years my birthdays have all taken place over seas. On islands for 2 years in a row (one in Thailand and 1 in Greece); then in Spain, then New Zealand – this was the first time my birthday happened during winter; and then this year in Korea. My friends even got a cake for me this year!!

Every year I try to take some time to think. Some time to look back and also some time to look forward. I am not big on “goals”; I simply want to live my life and live well. I do not want to get too caught up in “achievements” or “accomplishments”, I know myself enough to know that if those things become my focus I will fall into the “striving trap” a bit. I want to simply get my value from God – not from anything that I do…. yet this year I was thinking that I may be afraid of “success”. Whatever “success” is?! I am afraid that I will not know how to handle it and carry what the Lord gives me.

Yes, 28 I am… where does the time go?! 10 years since high school. I feel I have lived well since then. Growing so much each year. Learning about life. Learning about what it is to be human. Becoming more comfortable in my own skin, yet I still have much to go in this area… 28 I am. Glad to be alive. Glad to have traveled this planet we call home. When will I “stop” traveling?! NEVER!! Yet I know that my travels will change. I do long to be married and have children. That will not cease the travels, just change them a bit I am sure… head in the clouds maybe. Yet this is the calling I feel. This is the road I am choosing. 28 years old. One day at a time. One day older than yesterday.

What will I be like if I make it to 80?! I hope I am a jolly old man with heaps of stories. A jolly old man full of the Joy of the Lord, lacking only in the area of regrets. NO REGRETS!!! My bones may ache by that time, but I pray the muscles in my brain are still strong. Still telling the some old stories of adventures and nations traveled. Running with the bulls… spending my birthdays in many nations… playing with my grandchildren and letting them trade all my foreign coins that have collected over the years… one day at a time I life… one day older, everyday. I do not “feel” old and I do not ever think I will. Day by day I live. Life goes on…for now at least.