Praying in the midst of a ridiculous catastrophe is not easy…nor should it be.  Tension is great.  Reality of DARKNESS… a little overwhelming.  Nothing can ‘explain’ WHY this happened.  Nothing can FIX the BROKENNESS we feel when we PRAY, when we face this tragedy.  The news simply repeats the ‘facts’ they know.  Piecing together what they can.  For some reason we feel better when we have some ‘answers’ to the questions.  Maybe that helps us to understand and regain some sense of ‘control.’

Yet it is beyond us.  It is beyond us.  SO PRAY. CRY OUT.  SEEK MERCY. SEEK LOVE. CRY. WEEP. MOURN. FEEL the PAIN, so those present in the tragedy feel not ALONE.  I want JUSTICE.  I do not know what that looks like here, yet I reach for it.  I reach for HOPE.  I PRAY.  Hope REACH down.  Touch this NATION.  Touch those who are wounded, who are shocked, who are experiencing loss.  Touch those who have sinned, so great, I cry for MERCY.  Wake us up to the preciousness of LIFE.  #PrayForBoston