your creation sucks

February 24, 2016

The CrEAtiVE PRocESs


—> grab a canvas

—> start writing

—> doodle

—> do something

When I set out to create, I rarely have whatever it is planned out from the start. Every creative act starts somewhere. Wether it is a thought that comes and gets doodled down on a napkin. Or the blank canvas and the creation takes shape. It all STARTS somewhere. There is always a BLANK PAGE in the PROCESS somewhere.

Often people ask me “what are you going to paint,” before I start painting and the idea that I do not know is hard for some people to grasp. And maybe they do not know haw to connect with the their own creative process, so they think the artist has it all figured out…. it is a process and gets worked out along the way.

Usually we do not see the process. Especially if we see someone excel at something at a high level. Usually we just say something like — oh they are so gifted – I could never do that.

I work with a guy who paints really fast. It is pretty amazing actually, he can do a portrait of an influential person in under three minutes. It constantly blows people away. Yet what most people do not see is the hours upon hours upon hours that it takes him to be able to paint a 32in X 48in painting in under three and a half minutes. In this case that is the REAL PROCESS, the REAL WORK that makes the three and a half minutes live on stage magic.

It is the same with a professional athlete. We do not see all the training that leads to winning the race or the fight. It is the preparation that is a key element to the process.

“Our goal is to PRACTICE WELL.” Jon Wooden

PROCESS — I love to grab a blank canvas and step into the process. To let the plan take shape. If I don’t start, nothing will happen. I love to just create, to start moving toward a finished art piece and see what happens when you get over the hurdle of STARTING.

FINISHING can also be a major hurdle in the process.

“ART is never finished, only abandoned.” DeVinci

I used to let my fear of not finishing keep me from starting. But in this season I am starting as much as I can. Part of it is “CREATING SPACE” for what I value and what I want to be doing with my time on this planet. I still put off house projects because of not wanting to not finish (sorry babe) —- but with writings and paintings I am starting more and more each day.

“creativity begets creativity”

See it in steps. Break it down, deconstruct it and see the baby steps of the process.

It is ok to think that there is no way to get up the mountain that you see in front of you. But the reality is, all you can really do is take one step at a time. So start climbing.

Your art sucks right now, and that is ok. Eventually you will get to the top of this mountain and really there are many more mountains to climb. But maybe after making it up this mountain you will discover that you now have a new excitement for the next one.

Remember the process is the journey. Each peak will get closer with each step. Be present along the way, or you will miss what it is all about.

Remember, it is going to be ok —- do something.

fall in love with the process

*long crazy day!!!

**I was able to do a short run today. It felt good to be outside during sunset and to move the body.