the grizzly in my hotel

February 22, 2016

11:56 — central standard time

I turn off the noise in my hotel room. TV was just an enjoyable distraction. Random facebook videos, just to consume. There is nothing wrong with these things, they are often the source of ideas…. but sometimes they are just noise. As I turned off the physical noise in my room I hear bit of a low roar coming from behind me. A weird sound, like a hibernating bear, and yes it must be the guest in the room next to me SNORING. HA!!!

You never know what you are going to get when you travel. This is a fairly good hotel and yet the walls do not keep the sound of the middle aged bear resting next door at bay.

the journal

Todays blog is going to be more of a simple journal entry. The music is back on now, and I still hear a little rumble next door. I sure am glad my wife dose not snore and I think she would make me sleep outside if I snored. Life is funny. WE can dream big, talk of change, desire to impact the world, and then there is a man snoring in your ear. All you can do is smile and giggle on the inside and be reminded to keep your feet on the ground. self portait

It is all one big crazy journey. In a few minutes I will lay my head down for a 6 hour nap and hopefully let to roar from next door lull me to sleep. Or I’ll turn on some music or something to drown it out. But the reality is, I have slept in much worse.

Traveling is glorious. Traveling is horrible. It is everything wrapped into one and eventually looses it’s luster to a degree. These days my travel is a bit more “corporate” in nature and I am in a bunch of different cities throughout the year, but the reality is there is not a lot of time in each place to just wonder and enjoy. I use to travel in a way where I had more time and not much budget.

Non the less, I will travel the rest of my life, it is something that I can not not do. It is a part of who I am. Honestly I never knew it when I was a kid, but it is who I have become.

What is something you can not not do?!

That is a very good question to be asking in life. I am still asking that question. Along with what is my message to share with the world? What is the gift I was given to give away? What is something that I do not want to hold back from others? and from myself?

I find that I often hold back. Even in my life as a creative and a challenger of others, I hold myself back. Not always pushing forward when I should. Yet I feel that I have become more of a support in the push. I often find myself working right next to the guy/girl in charge and supporting them in their gift and calling. Maybe this is my strength.

Non the less (I like that transitional phrase tonight) I will keep asking these questions. I do not want to just settle for complacency. I want to keep growing, and that excites me.

What excites you lately?!

Food? Craft? A challenge? Work? Play? Family? TV?

May your sleep be sweet and your days be rich. Hopefully no one close to you snores like a bear.

your shit is broken

*sorry if this quote offends you. I stumbled across it today and liked what the guy was saying. I know some people struggle with language… I’m ok with language.

**mini hotel room workout happened today – good job Will – good job!!