stop being insecure

February 25, 2016

5 days left of the blog challenge — time flies!!


12:58am—Central Standard Time.

I have this pattern of writing with my blogs. If it is a travel day, which is this whole week, I often get to wherever I am going, check in, settle in, and just rest a bit. This usually includes random videos on facebook, and other random internet consumption. Sometimes this is pointless and other times it is part of my creative process. It is almost like I have to get that out my system before moving onto the writing. A part of me wishes I could just write and get to bed an hour or two or three earlier, but that just does not seem to happen……… on with the blog.


Do you realize it?! Do any of us realize that our life affects others lives?

I am tired of INSECURITY. It runs rampant and ruins your influence. Why do we shrink back and hold back from being who we were created to be?!


Stop listening to it. Ofter we run through life so concerned of what others think, that we do not remember who we are. Or try to be the person that we think others want us to be. When in turn they are doing the exact same thing. The reality is, we will all be better off if each one of us is being the person that we were created to be.

our deepest fear



Each one of us has a sphere of influence. Picture a circle around you, how far dose that circle stretch? Reach out and touch people. As your circle moves through life it may grow, shift and change, yet you are always influencing people around you. (hand drawn image coming at some point)


Are you aware of your effect on others? What you do with your life affects others. Your choices, your decisions, your actions. They have a ripple effect on other humans.

How do you affect a room when you walk into it? influence_definition

Increase your influence.

Step one is awareness or re-awareness. Ponder for a moment who you influence in your day to day life. Make a list to help you process. Write names of people down. It could be parents, siblings, teachers, co-workers, the person at Starbucks, or the grocery store, your uber drive, etc.  Each day we interact with other humans.

Your life matters. Do not be worried or concerned about your influence, just start with being aware of it. The point here is not to attempt to be something you are not, the point is for you to be more you, simply because your life matters.

Be you.

Notice who you interact with.

Notice who looks up to you.

Begin to SEE the opportunity that you have each day.

Impact your sphere of influence.

influence shadow

*3:13am – that is enough for today

**fitness came in the form of waling through San Fransisco earlier today – it was nice.

***3:21am – this is not my best work – the idea/concept needs more work… more to come at a later date