LiFE is a JoUrNEY

February 19th, 2016

The JoUrNEy is the REwArD — Ancient Proverb

The vision is to EMBRACE the JOURNEY.

Embrace every aspect of this wild ride we call LIFE.


If you lived this way, what could your time on earth be like?

Would it differ greatly from your current mode of opperandum?!

Would your time on this planet look drastically different?

Or would there just be a series of subtle adjustments that would need to take place?



How do we change?

How do we adjust the way we live?


It starts with a CHOICE.

Choose to be present in the midst of today.


Our culture has a strong distaste for discomfort.

In order to grow, you may need to stop numbing.

Stop running from the reality of your own life.


Experience the PAIN.

Lean into the hardships, Life is full of them.


This is the only way to reach breakthrough.

Pain is a university, a doorway to wholeness.


You must go though today before tomorrow will come.

The goal is to not want to be somewhere other than the present.

If you are so focused on tomorrow and not content with today, you will miss out on whatever today has for you. One day you will look back on the life you missed with regret.


The better choice in life is to embrace it, endure it, suffer it, and celebrate it.  Let it change you, grow you and mold you into the person you were created to be. Into the true person that you actually already are. Right here. Right now.


No need to wait till tomorrow to live.

Tomorrow is not guarantied anyway.

I invite you into new life today.

Time to LET GO and LIVE.

The JOuRneY is the REwArD.


real work real journey

*today was a very full day – it kicked butt!!

**I squeezed in a little workout… but then had a 3.5 hour flight… I’m wiped. Goodnight world!