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February 11, 2016



life is a process

change is a process

its a process — all of it


change does not happen over night

parenthood does not happen overnight

marriage does not happen overnight

starting a business

a dream





so keep going.

so many people stop way to early

when all they need to do is keep going

then they will reach breakthrough

they will reach the point of joy again

they will become successful

they will sell whatever product they have dreamed of selling


success is about showing up

it is also about keeping at it


so often we stop way too early with things

with art

with a business idea

or potential life change.

WE do not see a way out

or cannot see to route to whatever we think is on the other side

so in turn we stay right where we are

right in the midst of a discontented state.


All I am saying is to take small steps.

Tinny ones.

write a thought down

write a dream down

don’t just let it vanish because you have lost all hope of dreaming at age 7.


Small steps.

It is all a process

LEAN into what you are reaching for.


Sometimes I what to tell people to quite their job, sell everything they have and just go travel the world…. for some that would be great!!!  but not for all.


There are other bloggers out there (more wise than I) that will tell you step by step how to make an exit plan from their current situation and into the next.  Small steps to move toward a goal.


I say just make a DECISION.  Once you make a decision, you will start to move in that direction.  It is a beautiful thing actually …. details ?! details are not that important to me.  It is the big stuff that I am focused on.  The big decisions that set the course of your ship.  Don’t worry about the small things, you will be able to adjust course as you are down the track…. but the thing is you cannot steer a ship stuck in port.


SO DECIDE.  Whatever the hell it is you have been weighing in your mind over and over and over — just decide.  Then you will step into the PROCESS and will eventually find yourself moving in the direction you want to go.


CHANGE takes time.  No matter what it is.  Decide and start to take steps.  What you thought might take a day, could take 10.  What you thought a month could take a year and that is fine.  When you hit some benchmark on your journey, take note, make a monument so you don’t forget.


Grace and PEACE as you DECIDE what is in front of you TODAY.

Trust the PROCESS.  IT…. YOU are going to be OK.

trust the process


*workout status — still nursing the back… I did get in the art studio and threw some paint on a canvas though – it felt good to show up there in that space.!

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