February 15, 2016


We all have access to it.

I had this thought this morning and now I find myself watching the 58th Grammies.  A display of the supposed best of the best of the best of the best in world when it comes to music.

We have the same access to creativity as every single person who set foot on that stage.

OK, yes some are intrinsically gifted and some were born as brilliant savants, but the reality is,  most of them worked their as$e$ off to get to where they are today. Yes, some of their success or perceived success came from knowing the right person at the right time or even a viral YouTube video. But the reality of sustained success usually comes back to working hard. To practicing the craft and mastering it and mastering it and mastering it.

Honestly I do not want to win a grammy. I really do not care about that kind of thing at all. But I want to create; to write, to paint, to photograph, to design, to speak, to act, to build.

Why CrEAte?!?!

— It is in my DNA! It is in the DNA of all of us to CReAtE!!! Deep down within every human being, is the makeup of a crEAtor.

Sometimes we hide from creativity at some point in our development. Blame it on schooling, or experienced failure or lack of encouragement; non-the-less that creative spirit is still within each and every one of us. No matter the age, race, color — we were all born creative.

So FOcUs. Stir up creativity once again.  Fight for it. Step into it. GO for IT.

“….just focus on the work….” Taylor Swift

When Taylor won the best album of the year tonight, she had only a few seconds to say something. She thanked her fans, the people who made it happen, then focused on sharing an encouraging word to all the females our there: “…when it comes to people telling you you can’t do it — just focus on the work….

NoTHing cAn KeEp uS fRom CrEAtiNG!


*I shot this second photo on my wonder through Charleston South Carolina today. It was crisp and a little damp out, a lovely time to capture the street.

** It has been a very long day… and I am on a plane in a few hours to head home, but I did squeeze in a workout earlier today – it felt good.