what is a blog?!?!? re-blog – randomness #1 – on CreATiviTy

I have not touched this blog in quite some time.  Not that I have nothing to write or nothing I desire to share with the world, but rather I am focused…. or at least somewhat focused.  Focused on family. Work. Life.

Yet I desire to write.  To share.  To create.  So here I am.  Returning to this place.  Maybe I will write weekly.  Maybe monthly.  No empty promises today, simply a revamping of the idea of blogging.

I am a sporadic person when it comes to creativity.  Lately I have been working every spare moment on creating a space that will be conducive to creating.  This is key to CREATIVITY. SPACE

Creating SPACE, allows for creativity to flow.  I am married.  I still say that I am recently married, since it has only been a year and a half.  What a rollercoaster it has been.  I guess the real rollercoaster of it all was diving into PARENTHOOD.  Even more than marriage.  I guess we didn’t really have time to adjust to marriage before the surprise of conceiving at the one month mark of marriage.  We had to dive into life and grow up a little… hopefully not too much.

SPACE.  Settling into a rhythm of life and creating space to create (maybe I will commit to weekly blowing…. just know that means some of them will ultimately suck – oh well.)

CREATIVE SPACE.  I’ll add a couple photos of the garage / studio prject I have been working on…. maybe just one photo, we will see.  BUT CREATIVITY is what I will be writing about.  Attempting to tackle it to the ground and expound.

I lost my pops about 3.5 years ago.  Yes it was traumatic and yes that is another blog for another day.  But a thing about my pops was that HE was a creative and he thrived in the area of chaos.  Yet this often became stressful for those closest to him out, he would often create a constant state of chaos…. yet I have found that there is a beautiful thing with perceived chaos, or urgency or the 9th hour – when there is no time left, we dive in creativity at a whole other level than in the midst of zero pressure.  A few years back I did a photo a day project for a year.  It was an act of creative discipline.  Committing to the project forced me to shoot every single day.  Ultimately it changed my photography and especially my ability to produce.  I follow Casey Neistat on You Tube.  He is an entrepreneur and a VLOGer.  He posts a video a day!!  and has quite a following.  He started as a way to force himself to keep making movies…. in the midst of having less and less time he started doing this!!!  The cost is like 2-6 hrs of video editing a day!!!  what the crap?!?!?  check it out and be inspired – Casey seems like a guanine guy too.


I will be painting more and more.

I will have a workable creative space by the end of the month (ok maybe a little longer.  I almost cut my fingers off the other day working on this space, that put a little dent in my timeline….and I need to keep the focus on loving my wife and baby as well)…. But I WILL have a workable creative space soon.

I WILL write more.  Choosing CREATIVITY is like choosing LIFE.  Time to kickstart and FOCUS on what is truly important.  Maybe all this refocus stuff because of the break I was just on and the “clense” I just did.  As the body is cleansed out and reset, so is the mind, and the heart.

God thank you for creativity.  Thank you for Creating us in your IMAGE.  In the Image of the CREATOR.  May I be the CREATIVE son you call me to be.  May I be more ME, each and every day.

(re-blog – randomness #1 complete – all we need now is at least one photo and we are in business)