Montana for the weekend – the freedom of ART

Montana for a few days.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of partnering with Revival Cry ministries. Dennis Reanier and his team have a heart to see people connect with The Lord in a deep way. Creating space for an encounter with the living God, the reality of life in Jesus and of the resurrection power of God. They also have a heart for connecting different ministers and raising up the next generation of leaders.

I like these guys!  So, I basically invited myself over to Bozeman, Montana this past weekend when I heard they were throwing a “party” (conference). I feel that The Lord is leading me out into new areas in ministry.  Into new frontiers of influence and impact. Things are looking different and taking new forms. It truly is exciting.

I know I am still at the beginning stages of this next season of ministry and life.  I did not get paid for this weekend.  I did not make any money on selling my paintings.  I spent $100 on a stand-by flight, which turned into a tough 2 days of travel, don’t fly stand-by to Bozeman (that’s a different blog)…. And yet it was not about $. This is my life, and I feel called to give it away in various forms.  Maybe when my book comes out I’ll be able to better support my family. Maybe The Lord will bless my art financially, maybe new doors will open up.  Whatever the future holds, in the present I will be faithful. I will walk. I will hold onto the calling I have. I will press into the ministry in front of me. Moving out of the past experiences into the future.  Taking all that The Lord has taught me in the last decade of traveling the globe and attempting to connect it all with the future present / the present future / the now and not yet, however you want to look at it. 🙂

(original ART piece created during the conference – 30inX42in – acrylic on wood – in approximately 30 min)

This weekend I painted. I worship with bright colors on big wood canvas. People came up to me at various times sharing their thoughts and impressions and how the art spoke to them. My favorite moment in is interaction was with a mother and daughter.  The daughter was probably college age and the mom told me how she had drawn her a picture during a worship time that totally spoke to her. The girl said she was not an artist. This always gets me furious!  Every one is an artist on one level or another. I rebuked her right away- declaring that she is an artist and that she should be doing what I was doing in her own context of church/worship/whatever.  Through the conversation it somehow came up that this girl was crushed by the words of an art teach when she was in 5th grade. So we prayed and I rebuked those words, calling forth her artistic gift. And simply getting rid of the fear of man that was keeping this beautiful girl in bondage from creating.  As we prayed I could see tears streaming down her face.  I knew The Lord was touching her, and all I could do was smile. I knew there was some breakthrough for her in that moment. Side note, her brother was headed to australia to do a school with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). This made me smile even more. 🙂  The best thing was that I was simply being myself. A somewhat crazy traveling ARTISSIONARY!

(worship….the artists view)

My itinerary is filling up for the fall season. With purposeful things; speaking, arting, inspiring, and of course on the personal level-planning a wedding. 🙂  I am pursuing my dream of influencing people to walk in greater freedom through Jesus.  Thank you Dennis and Revival Cry team for having me in Bozeman, oh and double thanks for the air mattress in your basement – it was a great weekend!