Anticipation. Life continues to happen.

I sit here on this sunny Wednesday afternoon.  I feel like life is shifting.  Shifting gears.  Moving forward.  Preparing to GO.  To move on.  To hit the road.  TRAVEL.  International.  Local.  RELATIONSHIP.

More and more I realize my life, my vocation, my time is spent best on relationships.  Communicating (well, attempting to), drinking coffee with people.  Discussing the thing we call life.  FAITH and LIFE.  This is my VOCATION.

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Do you ever search for travel quotes?!?!  I found this one today and I like it.  I am sure some people disagree with a passion for travel, but the more I live the more I keep telling myself it is OK to BE DIFFERENT.  It is OK to follow my heart, even if that does not seem to be the “sensible” path.

Maybe I am writing this because a part of me still does not believe that I can keep traveling and following my heart, living the way I feel the LORD has led me to live.  Maybe sometimes we need friends in our lives to affirm us in our identities, even if they may appear drastically different than theirs.

I like the true friends in my life.  The ones who seem to actually “get” me, even when I feel the rest of the world may not “get” me.

For now I will continue to share these thoughts with the world, and not let these blogs remain in my “drafts” folder forever.

Enjoy the JOURNEY of your life today, whether it seems “mundane” or “extreme,” keeping living and living well in your current situation.