how do you travel all over the place & not go broke?

I recently received this question from a friend of mine who lives in South America.  She was wondering about all my recent stateside travel I have partaken in.  Here is an expanded version of my response:

Frequent Flier Miles:

Honestly most of my recent travel has been on frequent flier miles.  It is like God’s gift to us all to freely partake in worldwide travel (Joseph Watson would love that line).  It is not until recently that I have really figured out how this works a bit.  When I 1st started traveling I lost a lot of miles, but not anymore.  I have started to see how frequent flier miles can really work for you!

If you sign up for a credit card with United/Chase you get 30,000 miles.  That is a free flight anywhere in the US and the 1st year on the card is free…once you use the card a bit and get your miles you can cancel it if you wish.  I just decided to keep mine because it really helps to pile up the miles.

I went to Montana last week on points that I got through a different credit card connected to my bank – I was  able to get better flight times with different airlines than United.  Other people had to be at the airport at 5:30am to day after the wedding; while they were at driving to the airport I was sleeping in and flying on my time schedule of a 3pm take off.  It was a good day!

I also just flew to Hawaii on a 1 way ticket with Miles to pick up my Around the World Ticket.

Note: I am not a fan of CREDIT CARD DEBT at all!!

I HATE CC DEBT!!  It is like a hole that is so easy to fall into.  Personally I just use the credit cards(CC) to get the miles.  You spend money anyway, might as well get something free while your at it!  Most of my spending is on CC.  I then pay them off, usually more than once a month (things are easier with the internet) just to keep a pulse on things and not let it get out of control.  I am no expert when it comes to finances at all, but I wage war against debt in my own life.

OK – Check this guy out.  He really is an expert on MILES and travel.  He’ll tell you how to be a mile master.×5/

I honestly don’t know how I do it.  It seems like travel simply happens and it is hard to stop.  I flew into the US on my Around the World Ticket with Star Alliance – by far they seem to be the best Alliance.  I am starting to really use the frequent flier miles and they just keep growing even when you use them.  It was Issac Newton that said:

“An object at rest or traveling in uniform motion will remain at rest or traveling in uniform motion unless acted upon by a net force.”

Just start moving and it is easy to keep moving.  Ultimately I would say that TRAVEL is A CHOICE.

Make your plans and GOD will provide. I can’t really remember right now when the last time I paid for accommodation was. Ha! that is cool!!

Anyway-Blessings – make your ideal travel plans, be flexible and watch them come into being.