refreshed vision

Sometimes it is good to go to big gatherings.  Yet sometimes people just live from one big event to the next.  This is not my desire – thus I can sometime be leery of the next big conference.  But the last ten days I spend on da Big Island of Hawaii, mostly in Kona was REFRESHING.

I have been doing my normal floating relational ministry / random project thing the last few months since the DTS I led finished in Israel in late August.  I did not realize how refreshing it would be to be surrounded/immersed into the greater YWAM family once again.  And even greater to celebrate 50 YEARS of a MOVEMENT that started be the vision of one man, Loren Cunningham (  It is great to see that after 50 years he is still full of crazy vision and busy traveling the world encouraging the completion of the Great Commission.  Personally I am not sure if the “great commission” is something that can be “completed” like some mathematical equation, but it is something to live for, something that has driven me to travel the world sharing the ridiculous love of GOD.

The time in KONA was about connecting with fellow YWAMers from around the globe.  Seeing old friends and making new ones.  I loved coffee times, main meetings, beach trips, encouraging words spoken to me and ones I gave others, time in the prayer room, the scrambles to close the tent when it started to rain, Lava Java, hearing about all the crazy projects and vision YWAM is a part of, talking about ART with new friends, lack of ‘good’ sleep, smelly shoes (from the low tide scramble), the night camping on the beach, my $100 surf session (don’t ask!!)… most of all the people and time with the LORD!

I came expecting something.  I came needing something. The more and more I live, the more and more I realize that I am a mess and need Jesus!  Atheists out there, go ahead and call me a weak man clinging to faith, and I will tell you that you are right.  I know my need for GOD. Every so often I feel that pressure in “vocational ministry” that I am suppose to have it all together.  It is tough because on some level in Christian leadership you are suppose to have it together (whatever that means) but at the same time you cannot loose/forget the fact that you are simply a failed human being.  One who is simply stumbling after Jesus, just like those you may or may not be trying to lead.

I feel good when I remember that I am but one man who does not have it all together, trying to follow Jesus.

The JUBILEE refreshed me.  Reminded me that I have been a part of something much greater than myself.  I flet the Lord affirming me that I am right where I am suppose to be.  Many of you may or may not know the season that I am in.  It has been difficult for me to find the words to communicate it.  I am in TRANSITION.  It seems like many in the body of Christ are in or have been in a similar place in this season.  I feel the Lord calling me into a SABBATICAL time.  A Sabbatical YEAR.  There are a few things I need to “do” officially before I share more details of what this will look like.  BUt overall I am planning on heading back to New Zealand in early February and with be spending an extensive time in PRAYER & WORSHIP.  YES I will still be connected to YWAM OXFORD (  That place is my home and my family.  I love and support the leadership so much- you guys are running a good race!!

I am in TRANSITION, not sure what is next, but for now it is clear that I am to “do” sabbatical and spend this season receiving and resting in the LORD.  The “funny” thing is that I just completed 6 years in ministry traveling around the world for Jesus.  “God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good… by the seventh day God had completed His work which He had done, and HE rested.” (Gen 1:31-2:3)

May you be refreshed this day in whatever you feel called to.

Celebrating 50 years of YWAM – the FLAME goes forward!!

Camping adventure.

Celebrating with more than 2000 people from many nations!!

Island Style foooooooood!

AW80 crew sharing breakfast!!                  Beautiful Sunsets!

Group photo at the end of the 50th celebration…. I am right next to David Donaldson by the fountain (it’s like Where’s Waldo!!)