Christmas is GREAT!

I am blessed to live a crazy life!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.  May you simply enjoy life today with people you love!

Here is a glimpse of my last 24 hours:

It started with a little last minute wrapping/painting!!

Gifts ready to GO!!

Then to my sister’s place for a little Christmas EVE FEAST!!  Great job on the candied ham pops!!

After staying up too late playing my brother-in-law’s new Wii… it was time to arise and CELEBRATE!!

1st a few photos of course!

It is funny trying to get a good baby shot…. but with a nephew like mine it is not too hard!!!

After the early morning photos, Ma and Pa arrived with a very desired must for the morning!

The GIFTS seemed to be open in a FLASH at that point… I still don’t know how we always end up giving each other so much FUN stuff!!!

SO much GOODTIMES – simply BEING with the FAMILY.

And then it is FOOOOOD TIME!!!!  Killer breakfast SISTER!!


May you enjoy Life!!  I hope your Christmas Eve and morn was full of family craziness!!  I know mine has been and I am simply enjoying all of our uniqueness.

People often ask about my family and how they are doing.  I appreciate this question and often the real answer is that we are doing OK.  Life is always full of it’s trials.  Lately I do not “feel” like I am thriving, nor do I feel like I am dying, but simply hanging in there and living.  Life is LIFE.  Sometimes it is up, other times, down.  I am constantly reminded whether in the mountain or the valley that God is WITH ME and HE is simply sooooo good.  Even when HE may seem silent, HE is there… listening.

Whether you are up or down…it seems like so many people in the body of Christ are in TRANSITION.  There seems to still be shaking going on and I am curious to see where we will all land when the dust settles.  So hang in there and STAND FIRM!!

CHRIST was born and through HIM REDEMPTION has come!!!  CELEBRATE!!!