Life in the place of waiting

Seasons come and seasons go. Sometimes there is simply a time to wait.  A time to not GO.  A time to stop moving.  This does not mean that it is a time to DIE, but simply to WAIT.  To let time pass without sprinting, without wanting, without striving. The world moves so fast these days.  I find myself clashing the pace of the busy coffee shop.  I like the ones where the person behind the bar wants to simply chit chat, rather than feel the pressure of “speed of service”... Read More »

Where to go from here?.

WHERE TO GO FROM HERE? Do you ever ask that question?  Where to go from here?  Maybe you have achieved some of your dreams; maybe even your biggest dreams.  Whether it be travel, marriage, kids, a house, or that dream job, no matter what the dream may be, or the path that has led you to this current point of standing at the edge of the next frontier…the question remains: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?!! I feel that these moments come often in life.  Maybe because of the season... Read More »

  • About Me

    HELLO, My name is William Leon Rosenberg. Welcome to my little world. May I share with you my journey, the road that I am on, the places I am going and the places I have gone. It has been a great journey thus far. Read More »