February 02.2016 BE PRESENT…. you do not want to miss today. 1:03pm…. and later… and then edited slightly later… and finally posted at…11:48pm (EST) Here I am. Here am I. Hear me now. This is how I start most of my journal entires. It is a statement of PRESENCE. Of bringing myself into the present moment. This blog series may feel like a journal series, a glimpse into my heart and mind. I often journal “stream of consciousness,” which is basically writing anything... Read More »

the BLOG challenge – CREATE –

The creative challenge is set.  One blog a day for each day of the month.  The purpose is to create structure to be creative.  To challenge myself to post something each day.  To “force” myself to get something out there each and every day. I recently heard this quote: “Perfect is the enemy of good” — Voltaire. Sometimes we withhold from creating anything because it is not perfect.  I have often felt this paralysis in my own art, or writing or anything that I attempt... Read More »

what is a blog?!?!? re-blog – randomness #1 – on CreATiviTy

I have not touched this blog in quite some time.  Not that I have nothing to write or nothing I desire to share with the world, but rather I am focused…. or at least somewhat focused.  Focused on family. Work. Life. Yet I desire to write.  To share.  To create.  So here I am.  Returning to this place.  Maybe I will write weekly.  Maybe monthly.  No empty promises today, simply a revamping of the idea of blogging. I am a sporadic person when it comes to creativity.... Read More »

  • About Me

    HELLO, My name is William Leon Rosenberg. Welcome to my little world. May I share with you my journey, the road that I am on, the places I am going and the places I have gone. It has been a great journey thus far. Read More »