February 02.2016

BE PRESENT…. you do not want to miss today.

1:03pm…. and later… and then edited slightly later… and finally posted at…11:48pm (EST)

Here I am.

Here am I.

Hear me now.

This is how I start most of my journal entires.

It is a statement of PRESENCE.

Of bringing myself into the present moment.

This blog series may feel like a journal series, a glimpse into my heart and mind.

I often journal “stream of consciousness,” which is basically writing anything that comes to mind.  It really helps to understand what is going on my my head, heart, body, spirit, soul. HERE I AM.  Here, now in this place.  Occupying this space.  Interacting with heaven, with earth, with people, things, places.  Here am I. PRESENT.

I often only think of today.  This is a great strength, but can also be a weakness.

Sometimes it feels like I am just scraping by to get through today and other times it feel like I am thriving and embracing each moment of each day.

There is BALANCE to it all.  I mean there has to be a balance to it all.  We need something to be moving towards in the big scheme of things.  A vision, a calling, a goal — whatever language you want to use.  As humans we need something to be working towards.  Some sort of PURPOSE that drives us each and every day to do whatever it is we do.

IDENTITY often times shapes what that PURPOSE is.  I could go off on the subject of IDENTITY and will probably do so over the corse of this month, but for now lets focus on the beginning, the point of BEING PRESENT here and now.  This is the starting point.  The place of beginning.  Before we go any farther.  BE PRESENT.  THEN get some vision for the FUTURE.  Then move in that direction.  Incremental steps each day.  See it.  Reach for it and keep going.

ahhhh — I can be all over the place in my writing — here is that stream of consciousness thing for you.  One idea leads to the next idea and so on.  Thus this blog series may be a raw journal series shared with the world, rather than a polished well edited book. (yet I hope the books I write still have that raw feeling to them – I do not like when things become too perfect – maybe because perfection is unattainable and we are always a work in progress, moving towards something.)

Be PRESENT — EMBRACE the now, yet DREAM of the future.  Inhale, Exhale — let the air fill your lungs.  Sometimes life seems like a crazy sprint.  For some reason our culture tends to move in that direction, maybe it is our idea of busyness equaling successful.  None the less, wherever you are in your race today, stop,  I N H A L E . . .  E X H A L E . . .

…Let a P E A C E F U L L  moment fill you.

Yesterday I was in the middle of three different things, my job can be pretty full-on at times, I walked past this open door and caught a glimpse of the sky.  The sun had just dropped.  I stepped out the door and gazed off to the distance.  I gave 60-90 seconds of time to the beauty of the sky.  It refreshed me to complete the task at hand.  It was like something breathed new life into my bones in that short moment.

Another EXAMPLE for you.

I travel a lot.  I love it….most of the time.  Travel is hard and looses its luster fast, yet for some reason I cannot seem to stop.  In the midst of the coming and going I often need to hit the reset button.  For me that is the OCEAN.  Either a walk on the beach or total submersion into the sea and waves.  If I can get my body to the coast in time to capture the sun dipping into the sea, it is like my internal clock is reset and I am able to BE PRESENT again in whatever timezone I am suppose to be in.

I N H A L E . . .  E X H A L E . . . B E   P R E S E N T.

May you enjoy today and dream of tomorrow.  Do not forget to stop moving every once in a while. . . until tomorrow,

B E  P R E S E N T



workout side-note: I did 65 pushups in the Phoenix airport during a layover today.  Late I squeezed in another workout in the evening.  Discipline feels good.