on getting away

There is nothing that gives you more FOCUS than getting away.  Nothing that feeds your creativity, your energy, your life, like getting away.

“Get outside if you want to meet God.”

As I prepare for a short little get away down to Mexico, my mom reminded me that I said those same words when I returned from my first real backpacking trip as a high school student.  It was a guys trip with a few members of my youth group and was an experience that I still have not forgotten.  It was probably me first REAL outdoor experience and I have been on many since that trip.

I am glad that my mother, in the midst of my “reminding” me to check the weather, reminded me of that first real backpacking trip.  It reminded me of who I am and simply that I learned at an early age the importance of “GETTING OUTSIDE”.

Anyway – I am tired and already feel like this trip has begun.  It is 12:48am and I need to be out the door at about 8am.  Me and a buddy are headed to a “not so secret” spot about an hour south of San Diego to camp, unplug, surf and simply enjoy BEING OUTSIDE. I am looking forward to being away from technology, traffic, & stuff….. and looking forward to FOCUSING on GOD, the new year, reflecting and attempting to BE STILL…to simply LIVE LIFE.

Lord refresh me, speak to me and take me deeper into Your presence.  I am stepping away to be with You.  I am stepping away to be refreshed when I return.  Spirit I am open to You and whatever you have for this journey.

Well, there are some random late night thoughts for ya.  I am signing off – see ya on Thursday or Friday or whenever I chose to look at a scene again.  In the meantime I hope you can get outside and FOCUS as we step into this new year.  I really have an excitement in my spirit about what is coming in 2013.  May you walk in GRACE and PEACE.