Christmas 2012….some thoughts.

Each year, new.  Each year, different.

I struggle with the consumerism that seems to be an unavoidable issue during the holidays.  Maybe because I am faced with my own internal struggle of consuming,  and not wanting shopping to be what fulfills me.  Rather wanting to somehow show LOVE to those who are closest to me.  YES I try to get creative and even make things, but it is my own procrastination that usually leads me to being stuck in traffic searching for something to bring a smile…. but all that isn’t why I am writing.

Christmas is special.  It is special to be with family and close friends.  To be together.  To eat food.  To do nothing….together.  To do everything together.  I cherish the time with my family these days.  I honestly do not know if I will always be around.  I feel drawn to the NATIONS.  Whether it is to explore or share the Gospel.  Hopefully my life is so intertwined with the two that they simply both happen naturally.

Lately I have been exploring new territories in life.  Exploring new relationships and attempting to think/dream of the future.  Honestly it is often hard for me to think of the FUTURE, since I put so much effort in being PRESENT in the current moment.  It is almost like I can’t really handle the future just yet.  But maybe I am actually onto something here.  Maybe we aren’t suppose to always live in the plans of the future and the thought of tomorrow.  Maybe when David wrote about BEING STILL, he actually meant it.  Maybe he really needed to remind himself to simply BE.  Life really is about BEING alive.  We live, move, have our being.  WE do things.  Impact those around us.  Bring joy or pain; sorrow or celebration.  YES there are a lot of things in between there….. but LIFE.

I really want to truly BE ALIVE.  Whatever/wherever that may be.  Honestly it is harder than it sounds.  We have many things that pull at us each day.  Many desires that draw my attention.  Some good and some “fleshly” (which is basically all about immediate pleasure).

Oh to BE present and the DREAM of a future.  To move toward a future of greater and greater LIFE and BEING.  God draw me into your PRESENCE.  Draw me closer to you in the midst of this world spinning around me.  DRAW me into the TRUTH.  Draw me into that which grounds my SOUL and reminds me that everything is going to be OK.

For today is the DAY of the LORD.  Today is the day that I HAVE MADE.  REJOICE and be GLAD.  REJOICE and BE GLAD.  CELEBRATE the name of the LORD.  The reason we buy things for each other and run around attempting to LOVE all those who are important by eating and showing up.

JESUS.  Thank you JESUS that we can pick a day to attempt to celebrate you and your conception.  You came into this world like no other and transformed the planet for ever. And ever.

And I am forever grateful.

Cutest nephew on the planet!!