Where to go from here?.


Do you ever ask that question?  Where to go from here?  Maybe you have achieved some of your dreams; maybe even your biggest dreams.  Whether it be travel, marriage, kids, a house, or that dream job, no matter what the dream may be, or the path that has led you to this current point of standing at the edge of the next frontier…the question remains: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?!!

I feel that these moments come often in life.  Maybe because of the season of life that I am currently in as I write this, my twenties.  I am on the cusp of the next decade.  The next frontier if you will!!

I feel that some people look at me and admire certain aspects of my life and even envy parts of it.  I look at them and do the same.  It is much easier to desire something other than what you have.  Look at little kids.  My nephew will have his hand on his own toy, but still go after the other kids toys and just take them; without letting go of his own toy of course.  It is pretty funny actually, no one taught him that.  But we always seem to want more than what we have.  Always longing for the new joy, the next pleasure.  Yet in my own journey, some of my most “joyful” times where when I had almost nothing but the people with me.

I am reminded of a time in SPAIN.

I was with 2 good friends.  We had just ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain and were now cruising the North Coast.  What a beautiful part of the world!

We had bought what we thought was a nice little tent, which turned out to be a half tent, but that is another story.  We had been to 1 or 2 coastal towns and jumped on the bus to get to the next one.  As we jumped off the bus and saw it speed off, we quickly realized that we should have stayed on till the next town.  We looked around, there was absolutely no place to camp, no hostels in sight, and the bus we got off was clearly the last one for the day.

What ended up happening was a great memory and one of my famous travel stories to date.  My buddy Jeremy had talked to a lady at some info place, about 4 times, and by the 4th time she recommended a perfect spot for some “poor” travelers to get some rest: the beach.  We went down toward the water and discovered these big “tunnel-like” things, which made a great camping spot for our 3 amigo crew.  We ate our lovely backpacker sandwiches, good cheap spanish wine, sat on the beach and enjoyed!!!  It was a beautiful night; we watched the sun set & the moon rise.  I simply remember that it was glorious!!!

A could be “disaster” turned into a beautiful evening with good friends on beach-front-property at a highly discounted rate – free!!!

To some it would have been disastrous.  They may have even pulled out the plastic and stayed at the 1 very non-backpacker high dollar hotel town.  But not us!!!  We embraced this could be disaster and found ourselves with beachfront property!

Thank you Lord for the adventures past and the adventures to come.  You are glorious.

SO where do we go from here?

This story reminds me that there is always an option!  Always some kind of surprise solution.

ME – I still do know exactly where I am going or what the next 10 years will look like.  BUT as I sit here dreaming with my young Kiwi friend JOSIAH, I am reminded that there are soooo many options out there.  So MANY IDEAS and DREAMS to pursue!!!  I am excited about the random “disasters” that may just turn out to be free beachfront property – and GOODTIMES with good people!!!

Wherever you are in your JOURNEY, may you be surprised by what is around the corner.  I encourage you to find JOY in the little things, in the seemingly mundane aspects of life.  I am going to keep enjoying coffee and catching as many sunsets as possible.  Life is lived one small step at a time….keep moving.