February 29, 2016 Here I am. At the end of my twenty nine day creative challenge. This is a special day, an extra day that only comes around once every four years, LEAP DAY. It is just like every other day, yet it is today. Here. Now. Present. After this moment it is gone.   BE PRESENT BE ALIVE   Do NOT let this life slip through your fingers. Before you know it, it will be gone, slipping away forever. Time is slippery. Grab hold of the moments and make them count. LET them GO and move... Read More »

death. life. live in-between.

February 28, 2016   Run FAST Run FAR Sometimes life feels like a race One were the finish line seems distant Distant until the time comes where we face it   DEATH DEATH is the reality of the fall, the reality that we have an expiration date.   DEAth... 

30 days to somewhere

February 27, 2016 — ONE month to FOCUS. I heard it takes thirty days to develop a habit. I have never been a big GOAL setter. Maybe it is my inner procrastinator or the fear of failure or the fear of success that has held me back from setting goals. semantics... 

i am Nelson Mandela

February 26, 2016 — 12:35am CST   Here am i Right here Right now This is me.   I am a son of the most high GOD. Mighty and strong.   Scared and insecure. Strong and mighty All of the above. A divine dichotomy.   the honest life the... 

  • About Me

    HELLO, My name is William Leon Rosenberg. Welcome to my little world. May I share with you my journey, the road that I am on, the places I am going and the places I have gone. It has been a great journey thus far. Read More »